Conference system Bosch DCN

Simultaneous interpretation system
Brand: Bosch

780 uah
Conference system Bosch DCN  

We offer to rent the digital conference system Bosch DCN NG (New Generation). The Bosch Conference system DCN NG is much more than a set of nice gooseneck microphones. It is a versatile discussion system intended for presidium tables and round table meetings It provides all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions and allows delegates to communicate with each other by means of microphones and built-in loudspeakers or personal headphones.   

Delegate units enable delegates to speak and listen to the proceedings via a loudspeaker or headphones. 

The stylish and ergonomically designed unit includes a microphone with a red indicator ring that illuminates when the microphone is on. To prevent feedback, the built-in loudspeaker is muted when the microphone is on. Two 3.5mm stereo headphone sockets (wired for mono) allow two pairs of headphones so two delegates can simultaneously use the unit. The headphone volume level can be adjusted on the unit for maximum comfort.
It is also possible to connect a tape recorder to one headphone socket and use the other headphone socket to listen to the proceedings. The chairman unit is similar to the delegate, but also includes a 'chairman priority' button.

Price per day 780 uah
Brand Bosch