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Video conferencing rental

We offer services of webinars, video conferencing, online broadcasting on Youtube. Renting equipment will allow you to use all the latest for an online conference, without spending money on the purchase of expensive equipment for permanent use. How to organize a webinar? We have the skills and equipment to answer this question. We will also provide qualified specialists who will assess the feasibility, set up the equipment, and conduct a webinar. 
video conferencing

Goal setting

 To get started, you need to choose between a video conference and a webinar. What is the difference?
Video conference is when there are many participants and all of them can talk and show a video or desktop.
Webinar – when only one speaker speaks and shows, and the rest listen and watch. There may be several speakers, but they speak in turn, not at the same time.

Next, we determine the number of viewers and speakers and understand which software will be more convenient to use. These can be various webinar platforms, such as ZOOM, GoToMeeting, KUDO – it all depends on the goal we want to achieve.
It is also necessary to answer the questions that will help determine the composition of the equipment for video conferencing:
  • Will it be up to 50 people, up to 100 or more?
  • Will we organize an online broadcast on Youtube, in what resolution?
  • Do you need a chat?
  • Do you need to record a webinar?
  • How many speakers?
  • Will we divide the viewers into webinar rooms?
  • Can speakers gather in one place or are they in different cities?
For consultations, call: 067-2329286. Manager Andrey Shapovalov. E-mail:

 View video conferencing projects implemented by us. Modern technology for video conferencing allows communication through thousands of kilometers in HD quality.
 We will provide: 
  • Interactive speeches at conferences of speakers located in different cities and countries
  • Masterclasses on surgical and cosmetic operations
  • Communication of participants of conference held simultaneously in several cities 
Requirements for a communication channel for video conferencing:
  1. High-speed Internet channel, not less than 2.5 Mbit/s
  2. Availability of a real IP address 

Optional equipment

 We will provide you with the required number of kits and all additional equipment that you may need to conduct a video conference. What can be additionally needed for video conferencing?
  • Display kit: plasma panel or projector screen – optional
  • Sound kit of sufficient power
  • Additional video cameras for displaying images from different angles
  • Video mixer to control the output of images from video cameras and laptops
A prerequisite for organizing a video conference is the availability of a reciprocal set of equipment that is adequate in terms of technical characteristics for the subscriber with whom you want to contact. Discuss with another subscriber in advance and specify what kind of equipment he has, write down his IP address, ask about the speed of the channel for uploading and downloading data. All this will make it possible to organize a video conference faster and with better quality.

Typical examples of the use of video conferencing kits in LITER PLUS projects:
  •  A speech to the conference participants by a speaker located in another country, with the ability to show slides and answer questions from the audience
  • Interactive broadcast of the operation progress from the operating room to a conference room, which may be located in another part of the building, in another city, in another country
  • Collective discussion of issues between offices of different cities and countries
  • Private face-to-face conversation