The screen on the frame

Rent screen
Brand: Draper

Screen Rental on the frame webs for forward or rear projection. 
Dimensions: 211x157 cm, 305x229 cm, 427x320 cm, 640x480 cm, 800x600 cm

Screen Rental DRAPER Cinefold 1.57x2.11m

  The frame, with blades for direct or rear projection.
Excellent convenient screen size, the case is transferred to one person. Choose to rent this size screen for presentations, celebrations and corporate events in small spaces (up to 100 people), where the audience is free to move around the room and anyone can come close to the screen, without creating a shadow on the image. Due to their appearance, so the screen looks more presentable than a normal screen on tripod of the same size. Using it with a cloth rear projection, you can put the projector behind the screen, thus saving space.

Screen Rental DRAPER Cinefold 2.29х3.05 m

  Straining screen on the frame, with the paintings for the front and rear projection
The most popular size of the tension of the screen to the frame. Suitable for events from 100 to 300 people. "Screen, you can successfully locate and enter into the scenery in most conference rooms, banquet rooms, great restaurants and small clubs as well as on the stage of the assembly hall and theater. Are very good on the set on the television. Due to the low weight of the screen can be hung as an for the ceiling structure, and the cell sets. The screen is packed in a small case and is about a few minutes using two people. The cloth is fastened on the screen with the perimeter frame via buttons.

Screen Rental DRAPER Cinefold 4х3 m & 4.5х3.5 m

  Straining screen on the frame, with the paintings for the front and rear projection
For large events from 300 to 1,000 people fit the screens of the above size. With their help, our company does not just serve international conferences and summits of the highest level. The rugged design of the screens (especially rear projection) successfully emphasize the status event. They will fit into the interior of the site, even without the aid of additional decoration. Due to the possibility of outdoor installation, we had no problem with the choice of location for the installation of such screens.
Rama screens offered for rent are made of lightweight aluminum. The special design of hinges and locks allows for a few minutes to deploy to rent a screen. The assembly can make even one person. Rama Draper screen with blades placed in a light plastic case. Screen Cloth is packed in a bag that allows you to avoid damage. 

Brand Draper