Rent the ultra-high 6 mm resolution LED, SMD LED R3/1

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LED screen 6 mm pitch  for hire

The ultra-high 6 mm resolution LED, SMD LED R3/1

LED stands for “light-emitting diodes”. The type of light-emitting diodes is SMD (Surface Mounted Device). Each diode is multi-colour one. That means that the diode can emit red, green and blue colour (3 in 1) according to the applied input signal. The distance between the neighbouring light-emitting diodes is only 6 mm. As the result the diodes are arranged rather densely and they produce the whole image with pretty good graphic resolution. For example the LED screen 3840 mm x 2880 mm has the true physical (not virtual) resolution of 640 x 480 dots (pixels). This is quite enough to show bright and contrast dynamic high quality video and computer slides.

Have a look at any old RGB screen from the short distance. Each pixel includes at least one red diode, one green diode and one blue diode. You can see these diodes and you do not see the whole image they produce. Move several steps further. You see the image but it is grainy. Move a few steps further. The image looks less grainy but it is blurry and some thin lines are discontinuous or you do not see them at all!

We strongly recommend you to use our high 6 mm resolution SMD LED screen for your events instead of old low resolution RGB LED screens.