Conference service is an integrated technical and organizational support of your event from concept development activities together with the customer to full completion of the project using the latest technology. This is the combination of unique solutions for the location of venue, nutrition and equipment for the joint effective system of different technologies: simultaneous interpretation, voting systems, audio and video, television, internet, mobile, etc.

The conference service contains two major components. It is the administrative (organizational) part and the technical part.

Administrative part of the conference service includes such important aspects as:
  • selection and invitation of participants
  • selection of the place for the venue
  • shuttles for participants
  • registration of attending the conference
  • organization of accommodation
  • preparing of handouts
  • catering
  • preparation of the cultural program
The technical part of the conference service implies the use of the following equipment:
  • sound system
  • display system
  • simultaneous interpretation system
  • documentation system (audio and video)
  • an interactive voting system for the audience

             Thus, the organization and holding of the conference involves the preparation, planning and calculation for all systems and processes. The technical systems are related especially closely. For example, the quality of interpretation and further the quality of audio and video records of the conference will depend on the quality of the sound system. Best of all, when these functions are performed by the equipment from the same manufacturer, brand and contractor. This ensures the reliability and full compatibility of interfaces, signal levels and standards. The best way to ensure the requirements of the conference is to use the equipment BOSCH. By means of BOSCH equipment we can provide a single chain of the signal at the conference from microphone of the speaker to sound system, then to simultaneous interpretation and then to recording. Company LEATER PLUS has a complete set of BOSCH equipment for a conference of any size and level.

 We offer the following services:
  • Development of the program activities and budget planning
  • Invitation and registration of participants
  • Selection and ordering the place for the conference (conference rooms, hotels, exhibitions, restaurants, etc.) in Ukraine and abroad
  • Meeting, delivery and accommodation of participants of the venue
  • Catering
  • A full range of technical support activities
  • Interpretation services
  • Organization of the festive events (cultural program, team building, corporate, holidays, etc.)
  • Maintenance by manager, both locally and remotely
  • Information support activities, working with the media, sequential shooting

Our strong points are ("Why do we?"):
  • Many years of experience of the staff, we have been in this business since 1997.
  • A big list of the best hotels, suppliers, contractors, etc.
  • Our own stock of equipment, which has been certified to Congress Rental Network (CRN) and meets all international standards of quality, reliability and safety.
  • Efficiency and proactivity in organizing the event in accordance with your requirements
  • Open project costing
  • Flexible pricing policy
  • Individual approach to each event and details
  • Saving your time and optimizing your costs
  • Working with reliable partners and our confidence in the quality of their services
  • Focusing on long-term cooperation

We have provided the following conferences:
  • EBRD Meeting in Kiev, 2008. 5,000 delegates
  • Economic Forum in Donetsk, 2010 - 2012, 1000 delegates
  • Nobel Biocare Conference in Odessa, 2012, 600 delegates
  • Ukrainian-Russian Forum in Donetsk, 2011, 1000 delegates
  • Presentation of the logo of Euro 2012 in Kiev, 300 delegates
  • The 20th OSCE Ministerial meeting in Kiev, in 2013, 2,500 delegates
  • Forums of Yalta European Strategy (YES) in Crimea and in Kiev, 2013 - 2014
  • Simultaneous interpretation at the ceremony of official inauguration of the President of Ukraine, 2014
  • Interactive voting system for participants of the "Ukrainian Breakfast" at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2015

 The Examples of LEATER PLUS projects with conference service you can see in our photo gallery Conference service

 Photo: The 17th session of the Conference of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Kiev, Ukrainian House. Equipment from LITER PLUS: simultaneous interpretation in 6 languages, conference system, screens, automatic camera