Technical support for the President of Germany

31 May 2018

Technical support for the official visit of the Federal President of Germany to Ukraine

In a speech to students of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, Mr. Steinmeier said that Germany and its partners in the EU are ready to help Ukraine to strengthen its political capacity and expand the country's economic capabilities.
Technical support of the meeting in the assembly hall of the cultural and artistic center of KMA was carried out by LEATER PLUS.
The project involved:
Simultaneous interpretation set of BOSCH Integrus for 300 participants with the Audipack Silent 9300 interpreter booth and a set of acoustics based on the active audio system JBL EON. For Ukrainian and German journalists press boxes were provided to receive a high-quality signal from the output of the interpretation system.
In order to prevent the echo effect in a complex room with columns and windows, LEATER PLUS staff provided the rational arrangement of active acoustic systems that worked each for their sector of the hall.
The students and the administration of the center noted the high sound quality from the acoustic system and in the headphones of simultaneous interpretation.