Simultaneous interpretation service

Simultaneous interpretation system
Brand: Bosch

Simultaneous interpretation service.
60 uah

Simultaneous Interpretation service in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv

Simultaneous interpretation (SI) is a kind of translation when a listener hears in his earphones a translation from another language simultaneously with a speaker’s speech. A set of such SI equipment enables the interpreter not to interrupt a speaker, and therefore, it shortens the time needed for a speech.

Our company "LEATER PLUS" offers SI equipment of the world-famous manufacturer Bosch. We provide international conferences with SI in Kyiv for an audience of up to 2500 persons. We have many years of experience in interpretation at international conferences. How to rent simultaneous interpretation in Kyiv, Ukraine? Write an email to the company "Leater Plus"

 A high-quality digital SI set is always used at meetings of country leaders, European ministers, foreign managers, etc. The digital SI equipment Bosch Integrus supports up to 32 languages at the same time.

  Equipment produced by this company is installed in many state authorities of the world and all foreign delegates from any part of the world are familiar with it. Most of the international conferences, meetings, and congresses worldwide are held exactly with this equipment. LEATER company is an official dealer of Bosch, and the equipment for SI has been our specialization since the year 2003.

ИК приемник синхронного перевода

The most popular translation services in Ukraine:

-translation from English to Ukrainian and (or) Russian
-translation from German to Ukrainian and (or) Russian
We also provide simultaneous interpretation from other languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation rental cost

You can hire our equipment. The cost depends on the number of infrared receivers being used, as well as on the number of languages being translated. The rental price shown includes equipment for one foreign language and does not include interpreters’ service costs. If a venue takes place in Kyiv, then interpreters arrive at their own cost. If a venue takes place in other cities, then the cost of transportation by train, accommodation, and meals should be added. Call now and we will choose interpreters for you!

The cost of the set of simultaneous interpretation starts from 60 Uah per one infrared receiver. The minimum quantity of receivers is 50 pcs. The minimum time for renting equipment is 1 day.

SI – advantages of infrared system

In comparison with radio systems, the infrared system Bosch cannot illegally listen through other devices. Equipment Bosch corresponds to international standards. It guarantees sound quality, noise protection, confidentiality, and reliability for any quantity of participants. The maximum quantity of foreign languages is up to 32. As the experience shows the maximum quantity of languages used even at the biggest conferences in Ukraine is 8. The total number of official languages in the European Union is 24. 

The main advantages of Bosch SI equipment are as follows: 

  • Bosch equipment provides excellent quality of speech, even in rooms with daylight lamps
  • Simple switching of language channels from 1 to 32 
  • The possibility to use SI Integrus equipment and DCN conference system at the same time
  • Wireless Infrared signal transmission without noises from mobile phones, radio microphones, etc. 
  • The infrared equipment guarantees that information will not get out of the room. The infrared signal does not come through walls 

Simultaneous interpretation is absolutely needed for international conferences. We successfully provided many of events:

  • The annual meeting of the management council of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in 2008 
  • International Arctic conference in Kyiv, 2008
  • The 17th session of The Council of Europe Conference in Kyiv 2011
  • 20th OSCE Ministerial Council 2013 Kyiv 2013 
  • Annual “Yalta European Strategy” YES conference
  • etc

The set of SI equipment consists of:

  • Infrared receivers with headphones
  • Individual interpreter desks 
  • Infrared radiators which emit infrared rays around a room. One or more radiators depending on room size.  
  • One booth for each language 

  • The set of SI equipment depends on the number of foreign languages, as well as on the area and characteristics of a room. The specialists of the "LEATER PLUS" company will be glad to answer your questions and to provide a necessary set, as well as to offer an interpreter for any language.

    We strongly recommend using the Bosch equipment set for your event. This simultaneous interpretation system provides the interpretation for up to 32 languages at the same time. The set corresponds to European and world standards. 

    Each participant of a conference gets for temporary use light and a portable infrared receiver for simultaneous interpretation with convenient earphones. The protection from unauthorized access and noises is provided by the infrared range of the received signal and by digital signal coding. The equipment for simultaneous interpretation BOSCH is designed for choosing any of 32 active audio channels. The power-saving system will automatically turn off the receiver when earphones are removed or when the infrared signal disappears.

    simultaneous Interpretation reseiver

SI: How does the infrared system work?

First of all, you need to distribute infrared receivers among conference participants. Light earphones should be connected to the receiver, the only thing you need to do is to choose a channel of simultaneous interpretation with the language you understand. The speaker channel is always #0. Each language will have its own channel, for example, Ukrainian - the 1st channel, English - the 2nd channel, German - the 3rd channel. A listener should choose his channel and fix a comfortable loudness using an easy slide switch on the side panel of the infrared receiver. A signal from a speaker’s microphone comes to the Central Control Unit. Each interpreter in each booth listens to a speaker’s voice and speaks to a microphone of an interpreter desk. The interpreter desk is a special panel with a microphone, earphones, and have a convenient system for switching of language channels, which makes work easier. Bosch receivers use high-quality finger batteries АА and can work up to 100 days, 8 hours per day before replacement will be needed.

SI: the work of interpreters

Simultaneous Interpretation cannot exist without qualified interpreters. Their voices are heard by all conference participants and are often used for broadcasting. Usually, professionals work in pairs, changing each other every 15-20 minutes. They do not interfere with each other, you hear the voice of one interpreter, the external sounds from a conference room do not enter into the voice channel. All that is because interpreters work inside special sound-proof booths, where they can see the articulation of a speaker. 

We provide a special sound-proof booths AudiPack Silent 9300 of a European type. Glass windows enable them to see a speaker’s articulation, which contributes to the interpretation quality. AudiPack booth Silent 9300 is absolutely sound-proof and corresponds to ISO standards and all international requirements. The booth is equipped with an interpreter desk, soundless ventilation, and soft light. Interpreters hear the voice of a speaker in their earphones and speak to their microphones, then the voice is transferred to receivers of participants throughout infrared radiators.

The rental price of simultaneous interpretation equipment is shown in our price-list on this site, or you may get it from our manager.  

We provide services for conferences in all cities of Ukraine. Our offices work in Kiev, Odesa, and Lviv. We have good partners all over the world from the list of worldwide Congress Rental Network. 

Price per day 60 uah
Brand Bosch